Amazon Donates For You With SmileStar

Let Amazon donate to a charity with every purchase you make, at no extra cost to you.

Download SmileStar

Click on a download button on this web page and be directed to the Google Chrome Web Store. Alternatively, search for SmileStar in the Chrome Web Store.

Just Store

Amazon will ask you at the beginning to which association or organization your donations should go. Now you can start shopping as usual!

Amazon Donates

With every purchase you make, Amazon will donate a small percentage (0.5%) of your purchase in your name.

Doing good despite consumption: SmileStar makes it possible!

While nothing changes for you in the ordering process and everything remains as usual, your Amazon orders contribute to something big.

Amazon Smile enables customers to support a social organization of their choice with every purchase they make on Amazon. More precisely, 0.5% of their purchases from Amazon goes to their chosen organization. There are no additional costs for the participating organizations or Amazon’s end customers. Amazon’s end customers can, as usual, access the entire Amazon range at the usual prices and delivery benefits that Amazon brings with it. Since 2013, more than 200 million euros have been donated to participating charities worldwide.

Instead of ordering as usual via, you order via There you have to log in with your Amazon account, select a charity and then you can start shopping.

SmileStar is a Google Chrome extension. SmileStar automatically redirects you from to, so you can save yourself the extra effort of switching pages. SmileStar is free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Go to the Google Chrome Web Store.
Search for “SmileStar”.
Click on “Add” in the upper right corner.
Or click on one of our “Download SmileStar” buttons on this web page, they will take you directly to the Google Chrome Web Store. Then click on “Add” in the upper right corner.

No! The prices at Amazon are unchanged. The 0.5% that is donated is paid by Amazon.

This is due to the technical requirements. We need to read the web page ( URL ) to recognize that Amazon should be opened. Then we have to change the web page ( URL ) so that you are redirected to Amazon Smile. Don’t worry – your data will remain safe on your computer.

The association or the organization must first be activated at Amazon by a responsible person of the association. If this has not yet been done, please contact the person responsible for the association and send him this link The association can be registered via this link.

Download SmileStar now

Click on one of our Download SmileStar buttons on this web page, these will take you directly to the Google Chrome Web Store, alternatively search for SmileStar in the Chrome Web Store.

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A few words from our satisfied users

Ronja C.

Schade das noch so wenig davon wissen. Es profitieren ja alle davon! Die Medien oder die influencer müssten mal auf euch aufmerksam werden.

Ronja C.

Holger A.

Ich habe es mir runtergeladen und bin begeistert!

Holger A.

Clara L.

Mein lokaler Verein profitiert jetzt auch,danke!

Clara L.

Peter Altmeier

Coole Extension! So kann man ohne Aufwand echt etwas gemeinütziges beitragen

Peter Altmeier

Jannis B.

Finde gut, dass ich mithilfe der Extension beim bestellen, spende. Guter Zweck, gutes Gefühl. Ich hab mit meinen Bestellungen schon 7,14€ an die Tierhilfe in meiner Stadt gespendet.

Jannis B.

Sandra Kaiser

Genau wonach ich gesucht habe um Amazon Smile automatisch beim Einkaufen zu nutzen und mit jedem Einkauf was Gutes zu tun.Ein wirklich gutes Gefühl gerade weil ich wirklich viel online bestelle und damit auch gleichzeitig Vereine unterstütze ohne extra etwas zu zahlen.

Sandra Kaiser

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